linda-danvers1A quick Camp Blownstar update.

We lost Mark and my site has been ate up with the red google attack site barrier.

I don’t have the give a shit left at the end of my days to deal with it. So for all concerned, thanks. I assure you there is no malware here and I don’t know when google got in the security biz, but they suck at it. I say this for the last time, I’m a computer dope and I keep my virus software updated and have not had any major viruses or malfunctions in (knock on wood) three or four years now, never on this hard drive. I know there is shtuff that gets compromised, but if mine isn’t affected ever, it does make me discount the gripey bullshit I hear about my site. Who visits my site more than me? Can anyone explain why and how others get something that I don’t? As a computer dope, I sincerely want to know.

Blownstar is on though, rest your weary souls. And I’m about to release the secret footage. You know, Kerrcarto gave me his word he wouldn’t and he posted pics anyway, but they can’t compare to what I still have to show you.

We are low on money. We are a couple hundred bucks short to pay for the place and that includes no beer, no liquor and no food. I blame myself and the technological issues mostly, but still, even after I bucked up more cash, we are looking pretty short. The reason? We don’t have as many people as last year and we are staying an extra day (Thursday) to make it more worth it for the out of towners having to pay for cross country flights/roadtrips. But long story short, you should plan on kicking in more money for food & drink when you get to Blownstar this year. That, or recruit an eating, drinking & camping comrade to soak up the conversation and primo good times.

ALSO, I have already advanced the money for the place, so if you are planning on coming, please send funds soon. Only a couple of people have not paid. I will be sending maps after the 4th of July by email and will be mighty disgusted to have unpaid guests somehow find their way out there. For the record, please don’t plan on bringing or inviting any friends or family that aren’t wanting to come bad enough to pay a hundred bucks (That is what each of us is paying just to rent the place for three days). It is a beautiful, amazing ranch, very true, but at a very reasonable cost. Does this make sense, folks?

In short, I don’t want a crowd to deal with and I don’t need the extra overhead. You best keep your free-loading friends to yourself. Do not make me show my vast powers of hostility. I’m planning on drinking to irrational, so I won’t need a push.

Everyone that’s in, what kind of food are you craving? We have awesome cooking facilities. Suggestions? Ya’ll wanting to divide up and prepare a meal like we did last year? Shout it out in the comments.

And get ready to laugh. Blownstar is a mere 31 days away now. Awe, yeah, and you are not going to be disappointed, sweets. See you soon!

11 Responses to “Blownstar UPdate”

  1. becky says:

    I was going to bring my own drinks because no one likes my sissy drinks but I’m also willing to bake and bring food plus chip in cash if you would like.

  2. kerrcarto says:

    I don’t know what the hell. I use Safari and it gives me a warning, I use Opera and it doesn’t. Of course I don’t have to worry anyway. I’m a Mac. As for blownstar, oh hell yeah. You can beat me with a wet noodle for the picture. Sorry bout that, got kinda drunk and had a moment of weakness. See ya Friday for my share of the goodies.

  3. becky says:

    I sent you another check…

  4. Daryl says:

    I use Defender Pro, it told me there was a fucking trojan on your page and warned me to get my sorry ass out of there.
    About Blownstar, maybe some year I will plan on going, but not this, have fun for me,

  5. supergurl says:

    daryl, so you left a comment?? dang, you’re brave for a drive by. if you come back, please email me the nitty gritty on your warning, what it says it is, what flavor trojan, etc. to chouchope @ gmail. company thanks.

    and dude, i’m getting defender pro immediately, i fully want warnings that say “fucking trojan, get your sorry ass outta here” the sooner, the better.

    sadly, this is prolly the last year for blownstar, at least my input into it. so don’t put off for tomorrow what could vastly improve your outlook today. just saying.

  6. Cappy says:

    Girl, this page be infected! I’m getting Trojan Horse warningsup the yingyang from it!

  7. SuperGurl says:

    have you cleaned your cache/are you visiting from an infected link possibly?

    again, i’m not having warnings, do not have trojan horse on my computer, nor does my software do anything in particular when i visit my site. everything has been recalibrated within the last two weeks. therefore, i believe it is a false positive or something from the delivering site/linking site. i don’t know, but i stand by my defiance: i visit here more than any of you freaks and i get none of these trojan warnings.

    i did check my quarantine and have something called “trojan-downloader” safely in lock up. maybe that is what was there setting off warnings, but again, everything is freshly updated. i think it’s time to check your defs.

    again, i don’t doubt you are telling the truth, but if you want to help, i need details. what trojan? what virus programs are you running? are you entering an address or clicking a link to get here? what browser do you use? when was the last time you updated your virus definitions? and if you believe it’s infected, i must know, why leave a comment? Doesn’t that risk infection? i had the exact same wonder with daryl, what gives?

  8. Paul says:

    This thing is ON baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. CharlieDelta says:

    Lookin’ forward to seein’ you again Blammy! Lookin’ forward to seein” my Bladdy and my bro’s too!

    A year is too long…

    As far as the cash goes, I’lll carry my own weight and then some…


  10. PeterT says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m running Firefox, updated on the 8th of July (auto update). It’s quite happy with your site…..


  11. Dick says:

    McAfee security hates this site. My old computer wouldn’t even allow me to come here on override.

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