kerrcarto-blownstarWell, this year is going to be different but a new brand of blog meet, for certain.

We’ve reserved a beautiful private ranch residence in the Texas Hill Country, halfway between Camp Verde and Bandera. There are private sleeping accomodations onsite for six couples or singles. Beyond that, there are couches, lawn furniture, etc, should the ability to drive away disappear. Out of state visitors should try to fly into San Antonio, which is an hour away from Camp Blownstar.

In nearby (15 minutes) Bandera and Kerrville, there are hotels for those that want to stay offsite and possibly get real sleep. I’ll post some phone numbers for them soon. Because there is so much expense in renting the property, we are going to ask for a $100 contribution just to come to the festivities this year (including camping overnight). Those that stay overnight in one of the six private rooms should pay $200 per person, again, to help cover the cost of the facilities. Any money in excess of what we need will be filtered into food & beer funds.

Blodgers never shortchange each other, that’s not what this is about. But planning these things has proved nightmarish when some folks pay in cash and others in barbecue and still others in ways I dare not mention, even on the over exploited internet. We need one currency folks!

In other news, the owner insisted on making us his award winning Texas chili. His wife chimed in that it’s what he does best, so I was impressed. Other than that, food is up for suggestion. What do ya’ll want to do for food this year?

We already sound like we’re pushing maximum capacity on overnighters, so if you are wanting to join us, make it known in these comments or send me an email to Our location will not be public. It is a private residence, with a private gate code. Once you send your fundage, I will email you a map. I ask you to please not share it with anyone. If you are bringing a friend, they should pay the $100 in advance as well.

That’s all I can think of for now, so drop you interest/comments/suggestions in the box and we look forward to seeing you July 16th-19th. Thanks for the jpg, Kerrcarto, it’s perfect!

7 Responses to “Camp Blownstar 2009”

  1. hammer says:

    Count me in.

    I’m not sure if you have a paypal account or if you want to Email me offline with an address for sending a check.

  2. SuperGurl says:

    check or cash by mail.

    bonus: there is no fart hollow in this establishment so i think you’ll sleep better, wherever. course, i need you to play 24 hr cop too. we’ll talk.

  3. becky says:

    Can you email me your address. I thought I had it but I can’t find it. Thanks…

  4. Omnibus Driver says:

    I’ll send a $200 check as soon as I get back from Ireland, as I’d really like a bed this year. Heh. Don’t mind sharing, so just treat me like I’m headed off to college and about to meet my roomie for the first time…

    Send me your address again, please!

    (And yes, I plan on learning lots of naughty drinking songs on this trip, which I plan to share around the campfire.)

  5. Cappy says:

    Boy, I’d like to head out to this but it doesn’t look likely this year. Maybe I’ll just show up on the doorstep at random. Hope I get to do this event before I need a passport for it!

  6. kerrcarto says:

    You are most welcome. I will toss you some cash when I see you next.

  7. CharlieDelta says:

    Thank you for taking care of the arrangements Supergulr! Lemme know if/and/or/how I can help contribute to the food and/or alcohol.

    I am hoping the kerrcartobus is going to make a stop or two for beer on the way from the aero puereto. I’ve been setting aside some additional cash for the SBU’s (Shiner Bomb Units)…

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