linda-danvers1I’m back. Been stuck in orbit around an unfriendly planet. A skank of buttmunch with an incredible pull, she sucks me in and saps my energy.

So yeah, I was gone. But I was practically imprisoned. Please don’t hate me for it. It was murder being away from you as well.

Needless to say, I remain at odds with the world in it’s current broken condition. I do appreciate a comeback story and I do feel one coming on. Don’t you?

The nice thing about unkind extremes is that they clarify a few long-held hypotheses. I believe we are being shaken for a reason, the crux is why we embrace the suck. Still, who likes being molded? It is a painful and unpredictable contortion, miles away from rest. No one wants to rest more than I, my loverlies.

Which brings me back to blodging, I miss this vile contortion. It was a favored escape hatch to me many times in the past. And let’s just say as the oxygen begins to thin and my mind begins to drift nostalgic, I’d rather be out here floating with my blown-eyeds than anywhere else in the world.

It’s time to redistribute my priorities. Welcome back to the top of my list.

linda-danvers1Hey, hey. I’m back! Happy Independence Day to me, I’m on my own and hopefully attack free for the duration.

Blownstar in two weeks and we are sitting at 15. Going to be a terrific time and there’s still time to sign up & come if you’re up to it.

Leave a comment, please, so I know you got through

linda-danvers1A quick Camp Blownstar update.

We lost Mark and my site has been ate up with the red google attack site barrier.

I don’t have the give a shit left at the end of my days to deal with it. So for all concerned, thanks. I assure you there is no malware here and I don’t know when google got in the security biz, but they suck at it. I say this for the last time, I’m a computer dope and I keep my virus software updated and have not had any major viruses or malfunctions in (knock on wood) three or four years now, never on this hard drive. I know there is shtuff that gets compromised, but if mine isn’t affected ever, it does make me discount the gripey bullshit I hear about my site. Who visits my site more than me? Can anyone explain why and how others get something that I don’t? As a computer dope, I sincerely want to know.

Blownstar is on though, rest your weary souls. And I’m about to release the secret footage. You know, Kerrcarto gave me his word he wouldn’t and he posted pics anyway, but they can’t compare to what I still have to show you.

We are low on money. We are a couple hundred bucks short to pay for the place and that includes no beer, no liquor and no food. I blame myself and the technological issues mostly, but still, even after I bucked up more cash, we are looking pretty short. The reason? We don’t have as many people as last year and we are staying an extra day (Thursday) to make it more worth it for the out of towners having to pay for cross country flights/roadtrips. But long story short, you should plan on kicking in more money for food & drink when you get to Blownstar this year. That, or recruit an eating, drinking & camping comrade to soak up the conversation and primo good times.

ALSO, I have already advanced the money for the place, so if you are planning on coming, please send funds soon. Only a couple of people have not paid. I will be sending maps after the 4th of July by email and will be mighty disgusted to have unpaid guests somehow find their way out there. For the record, please don’t plan on bringing or inviting any friends or family that aren’t wanting to come bad enough to pay a hundred bucks (That is what each of us is paying just to rent the place for three days). It is a beautiful, amazing ranch, very true, but at a very reasonable cost. Does this make sense, folks?

In short, I don’t want a crowd to deal with and I don’t need the extra overhead. You best keep your free-loading friends to yourself. Do not make me show my vast powers of hostility. I’m planning on drinking to irrational, so I won’t need a push.

Everyone that’s in, what kind of food are you craving? We have awesome cooking facilities. Suggestions? Ya’ll wanting to divide up and prepare a meal like we did last year? Shout it out in the comments.

And get ready to laugh. Blownstar is a mere 31 days away now. Awe, yeah, and you are not going to be disappointed, sweets. See you soon!

kerrcarto-blownstarWho’s coming?

Allen (VBE!)
Charlie Delta
El Capitan
Fighting in the Shade X2 (VBEs!)
Leslie’s Omnibus
Lurky Who’s?
Jackie D (VBE!)
Tina (VBE!) okie
Eric (VBE!) kerrcarto’s frer

Did I miss anyone? Let me know, I’ll update.

kerrcarto-blownstarWell, this year is going to be different but a new brand of blog meet, for certain.

We’ve reserved a beautiful private ranch residence in the Texas Hill Country, halfway between Camp Verde and Bandera. There are private sleeping accomodations onsite for six couples or singles. Beyond that, there are couches, lawn furniture, etc, should the ability to drive away disappear. Out of state visitors should try to fly into San Antonio, which is an hour away from Camp Blownstar.

In nearby (15 minutes) Bandera and Kerrville, there are hotels for those that want to stay offsite and possibly get real sleep. I’ll post some phone numbers for them soon. Because there is so much expense in renting the property, we are going to ask for a $100 contribution just to come to the festivities this year (including camping overnight). Those that stay overnight in one of the six private rooms should pay $200 per person, again, to help cover the cost of the facilities. Any money in excess of what we need will be filtered into food & beer funds.

Blodgers never shortchange each other, that’s not what this is about. But planning these things has proved nightmarish when some folks pay in cash and others in barbecue and still others in ways I dare not mention, even on the over exploited internet. We need one currency folks!

In other news, the owner insisted on making us his award winning Texas chili. His wife chimed in that it’s what he does best, so I was impressed. Other than that, food is up for suggestion. What do ya’ll want to do for food this year?

We already sound like we’re pushing maximum capacity on overnighters, so if you are wanting to join us, make it known in these comments or send me an email to Our location will not be public. It is a private residence, with a private gate code. Once you send your fundage, I will email you a map. I ask you to please not share it with anyone. If you are bringing a friend, they should pay the $100 in advance as well.

That’s all I can think of for now, so drop you interest/comments/suggestions in the box and we look forward to seeing you July 16th-19th. Thanks for the jpg, Kerrcarto, it’s perfect!